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Premium waxed canvas

Premium waxed canvas

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Premium waxed canvas - retail and wholesale

* Actual color might look different due to different lighting and screen setting.
Waxed canvas color changes with creases and marks.We recommend you to order a color swatch to check the color before ordering bigger pieces. 

We stand out for:
Easy to sew (normal bag making needle jeans/leather needles), premium quality, superb durability, 100% cotton, nontoxic double sided wax, environmental friendly, vegan, sustainable material, extra stiffness for better structure, no ironing or interfacing required,  earthy colors, breathable and waterproof, Retro distressed look

Weight: 8 oz, 400GSM
Width: 145cm/58 inch

Popular for:
Bags, Backpacks, heavy duty waterproof work aprons, tool rolls, home decor, interior design, Fabric structures, TV and movie sets etc. 

How to sew waxed canvas?

  1. Needle: Denim/Leather needle, size 100/16 or 18/110
  2. Sewing machine: suitable for both domestic and industrial
  3. Presser foot: standard foot or walking foot if preferred
  4. Stitch length: 2.5-3
  5. Thread: heavy duty threads preferred but not essential
  6. Marker: hera marker, chopstick, a blunt fabric pen, or simply crease the canvas to mark
  7. Use wonder clips instead of pins to prevent leaving holes on the canvas
  8. Interfacing: not required
  9. Ironing: don’t! Finger press is enough. Use a hairdryer to get rid of creases if desired
  10. If pairing with leather, test with a scrap first to make sure leather doesn’t absorb the small amount of oil from waxed canvas and stain.
  11. Leave a big hole for turning if using it in a bag.

 How to care for waxed canvas?

  1. Use it! The fabric will soften and develop a unique patina over time.
  2. Spot clean or hand wash in cold water. Use mild soap if required.
  3. Do not machine wash, tumble dry or dry clean.
  4. Never use bleach, softener, solvent or stain remover.
  5. No ironing required. Use a hairdryer to get rid of creases if desired.
  6. Avoid direct heat contact, ie warm or hot water wash, direct summer sun and leaving in hot car for long.
  7. Rewax after a few years of good use if desired.

* Please note:

Waxed canvas is sent folded and will have creases. They can be reduced with a hair dryer. Do not iron. 
If you prefer to have it send as a roll, please contact us before ordering. 

Please ensure you check customs of your country if you are outside of Australia. I am not responsible if item purchased is prohibited by your country.

All items will be dispatched within 1-3 business day. Delivery time is 2-10 days within Australia, and 9-18 days for most countries. I am not responsible for postage delay.



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